May 6, 2009

Me and Online Games

Although I don't play computer games as much as I used to be, I am still playing online games especially during stress period. I guess, me and games can never be separated. There are few reasons why I opted for online games: -
  • It’s simple and lightweight which convenient for me considering that my PC is in very sad condition right now.
  • Online games don’t consume too much time like many other computer games although I must say sometimes it can be addictive.
  • And for obvious reason, I’m quite good at it. Hehe.
I love playing sport games like football, pool, snooker, ping pong, and of course tennis. Frankly speaking, right now I’m playing Yahoo Pool game because it’s hard to find a good quality online sport games. You may want to check out Mac tennis games although I’m not sure whether it’s good or not.

Another game would be Literati. I used not to like word games but now I realize that it can really help me with my vocabulary. Not bad huh, “kill two birds with one stone”.

As for downloadable games, I like Build-a-lot very much. You can download it from Yahoo Games site but you must be a Windows user. For Mac users, you might want to check out Mac games website.


Superman said...

If I were to play web based online game, bejeweled and sodoku are my favorites. :)

foongpc said...

You know what, I don't play online games. No time to play! : (